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Prince Charles and Camilla look for housekeeping manager

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, are in search of a housekeeping manager for their Cornish estate, Duchy of Cornwall.

"The successful applicant would not be responsible for such tasks as dusting and cleaning, but would be expected to work as a part of a small team as they visit and monitor the estate's holiday cottages in the middle of Cornwall," reports Royal Central. "As with all jobs involving the Royal family, the selected person is expected to be hardworking and conscientious, with high standards regarding their work."

The private estate was established in the 14th century by King Edward III in order to provide independence to his elder son, Edward Woodstock, the Duke of Cornwall. Since its creation, the Duchy has been passed from one Duke of Cornwall to the next.

This luxurious estate features over 53,000 hectares of land, which are spread across 24 counties in south-west England. The revenue generated from the lavish estate are used to fund Charles's private and charitable activities, as well as those of Prince William and Harry.

Charles hopes that the new employee will help keep the Duchy in excellent condition for when it is passed down to Prince William and eventually Prince George. According to Royal Central, those interested have until next Friday to apply for the position.

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