Respecting employer confidentiality

Over the years, there have been many salacious blogs and tell-all books written and published by former domestic staffers of celebrities and other high-profile public officials. Many want to take revenge for perceived wrongs, while others just want to make a quick buck. You may be tempted to do the same thing, but think twice before you violate your current or former employer's confidentiality. Even if you have not signed a formal confidentiality agreement, divulging private information could have far-reaching consequences for the duration of your career.

Why should I respect privacy?

The foundation of a relationship between a domestic staffer and his or her employer is trust. Why would anyone leave you alone in their house or with their children if they do not have the confidence that you will keep them safe and not share private information? An untrustworthy staffer will not be employed for very long.

Another thing to consider is your reputation. Employers talk to each other, and it will be almost impossible to find a new domestic position without solid references.

What can I do to protect my employer's privacy?

  • Do not blog or disclose information about the family on message boards.
  • Do not discuss work during your personal time.
  • Do not go into rooms which you were not given permission to enter.
  • Do not open mail or read emails.
  • Do not post photos of or information about the family on social media without their explicit permission.

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