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Rock your next interview with these tips

Interviews, whether done on the phone, through Skype or face-to-face are often nerve-wracking. However, it's important to show your prospective employer the real you while still remaining polished and professional. Take a look at these three tips to help you rock your next interview:

  • Banish your self-doubt: The power of positive thinking is quite strong so don't doubt yourself! After all, the employer called you in for an interview and he or she is taking time out of a busy day to meet with you, so you already know that your resume is impressive. Now is your chance to show off your skills and interests.
  • Make the best of every interview experience: Even if you're interviewing for a position that you're not 100 percent sure about, use this opportunity as a way to hone your interview skills. With every interview you have, you'll become more comfortable talking face to face with a prospective employer.
  • Use your nervousness to your advantage: "That's right, nerves can be good and at a physiological level there's not a big difference between nerves and excitement," writes a blogger for The Huffington Post. "In both cases the heart rate and breathing increase in order to get blood and oxygen to different parts of the body so that it can perform either in the face of danger or excitement. In the case of the interview, it's clearly the latter."

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