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Setting the right tone at an employer interview

Interviewing with a potential employer requires household staff candidates to think ahead. Strategizing a first impression means planning out seemingly small things, such as exactly what you'll wear or how you'll demonstrate good manners.

Since your job may hinge upon attention to detail, including how to dress, showing a mastery of these things could send a good message from the beginning. There's a good question of how much you want to display your sense of style while still being professional. The two of them are not mutually exclusive, as long as you make sensible choices and know your audience.

CBS's Moneywatch recently spoke to Tara Lannen-Stanton of the Queens Library's Job & Business Academy, which helps potential interviewees borrow ties before their big meetings. The service is trying to teach proper apparel standards, she said.

"We see a lot of customers, particularly men, who don't have proper interview attire," Lannen-Stanton told the source. "Our general rule of thumb in mock interviews is dress a couple of levels above the position for which you're interviewing."

There's a definite balance you can strike between what's considered "formal" and something that shows off your taste. Elle recently highlighted several examples of what women wore to interviews that later led to jobs.

While many of these outfits used dominant dark colors, some picked striking shades, like a bright red jacket or a dress with a floral pattern. Although the professionals in this article all worked in media, any job seeker can look for a similar approach to their wardrobe. 

Domestic staffing agencies help connect personnel to employers, making the process of placement easier for both. Staff hopefuls in the Beverly Hills area in particular can make a strong statement with some careful clothing choices.

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