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Several tips for nannies on optimizing their search for a family

For a nanny, 90 percent of the job is finding a family that you fit in with. Personality, habits and schedule all have to mesh well, and in order to accomplish this with minimal trial and error, a nanny needs to improve her appeal early on in her search. Nanny Magazine offers tips that private nannies in Los Angeles can use to improve their online profiles and resumes to get their search right the first time.

These tips include:

  • Your profile isn't about you: Rather than discussing your personal interests, hobbies and passions, focus on how these facts about yourself can be brought into the family's life and improve your relationship with them and their children.
  • Don't overfocus on your past experiences: It might feel good to talk about your experience with other families, but this can actually be a deterrent for potential employers. Most parents are more focused on the personality match than how many diapers you've changed, the news source notes.
  • Post the right picture: A photo speaks a thousand words, and this is never more true than in your nannying profile. If you're an energetic, free-spirited person who loves the outdoors and playing with children, a photo of you sitting inside reading doesn't convey your personality very well.
  • Keep it simple: A short, cohesive profile can be more appealing than a sprawling one full of experience and references. Keeping your profile to the point and concisely written can help you land the right family far more effectively.

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