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Should You Hire a Personal Chef for your Specialized Diet?

Diets have been part of American culture for decades. From South Beach to Atkins, people turn to everything from widely accredited to fad diets for weight loss, lifestyle changes and medical reasons. The problem is, sticking to strict diets can be a strenuous challenge for most busy professionals.

Organic meal kit delivery service Green Chef conducted its 2017 Dietary Fluidity Report to find out more about mainstream dietary culture. The survey of 1,045 adults across the country found 52 percent of respondents plan to change their diet this year.

Of these individuals, 57 percent are doing so to get healthier, while 9 percent are doing so for medical reasons, such as allergies or health concerns, and 10 percent are hoping to lose a few extra pounds. The study also found that 41 percent of respondents care more about quality than cost when it comes to shopping for ingredients. Regarding dietary preferences, 20 percent of Americans said they might try the Paleo Diet.

“Consider hiring a personal chef to support your specialized diet.”

Consider hiring a personal chef
So what about yourself? Are you planning to go gluten-free? Cut out all processed ingredients? Consume beneficial bone broth every day? Whether you try out the Whole30 or Paleo diets, it’s no secret it can be challenging to find the time to prepare all the meals and not fall behind on your regular responsibilities.

This is why you should consider hiring a personal chef to support your transition toward a specialized diet. If you aren’t yet sure, consider these few benefits offered from enlisting the help of a personal chef to handle your daily diet:

1. They’re highly trained
The rise in specialized diets have led to many culinary schools and training courses preparing their students to cook well, even when they have to eliminate certain ingredients, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. Many modern personal chefs will not only follow a wide array of dietary requirements, but they can make these dishes tasty, healthy and satisfying.

From gluten-free to organic to certain food elimination diets, they likely offer a level of expertise unmatched by your own limited experience. They can be exceptionally helpful if you only recently found you were allergic to certain foods or follow certain dietary practices.

2. They’ll free up your schedule
When you start a labor-intensive diet, such as cutting out sugars, processed ingredients and carbohydrates, you may spend a large part of your days searching for recipes, shopping for groceries, preparing food and finally eating. If you’re like most busy Americans, this kind of a time commitment can be a serious concern. You want to get healthy or get in shape, but you also don’t want the process to take away from work, time spent with loved ones or hobbies.

Personal chefs will plan out meals based on your dietary needs, shop for ingredients and prepare meals for the week. This way, all you have to do is reach into your fridge or freezer to warm up tasty meals that will support your new diet. After all, your diet shouldn’t take away from your life, but enhance it.

“Personal chefs will plan out meals based on your dietary needs.”

3. They’ll help you stay committed
When you’re responsible for looking for recipes, shopping for food and cooking, it can be far too tempting to grab takeout or that box of cookies you don’t need off the supermarket shelf. On the other hand, your personal chef will handle the cooking, which only leaves you the easy eating process. It’s a lot easier to say yes to your diet and no to unhealthy treats if you have a fridge packed full of delicious meals and snacks.

After all, if you want to make serious changes in your diet and lifestyle this year, you want to do what you can to support the journey and set yourself up for success. While dieting itself might not be easy, with the regular support of a personal chef, getting healthy or in shape can be far easier.

In today’s busy society and with evolving dietary and medical needs, personal chefs are in high demand. A professional chef will support you or your family’s special dietary restrictions, making your household a better, stronger unit. If you’re looking for domestic jobs and to work with a domestic staffing agency, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!

Colonial Domestic can introduce you to a number of professionals that fit exactly what you need. Just tell us the type of professional you’re searching for, and we’ll happily take over all of your recruiting efforts.

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