Subtle ways to become the best personal assistant you can be

In a previous post, we detailed ways in which a personal assistant can improve their organizational skills. While this is one of the most important aspects of the job, working with a busy executive involves more than just making lists and coordinating schedules. Having the following soft skills are essential for having a successful career as a personal assistant.

  • Being a “right hand” – As you develop a relationship with your employer, you should become increasingly aware of his or her likes and dislikes and personal preferences. For example, if you notice that your boss likes to go over reports with a particular type of pen, you should make sure that they are always available, and order more when the supply gets low. Paying attention to seemingly minor details is not about “sucking up” – it’s about making yourself indispensable.
  • Humility – We are all human, and even the most experienced personal assistant can make a mistake. What makes the difference between a professional and an amateur, however, is how they deal with a blunder. It is never a good idea to make excuses or blame others. The best thing that you can do is own your mistake, apologize and develop a plan of action to prevent the incident from happening again.
  • Interest in learning – You should continue to expand your knowledge base. One simple way to do this is to watch your employer to figure out how he or she has become successful. In addition, you should consider taking courses to learn software or skills that can make you more efficient at your job.

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