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The estate manager resume: Accounting courses

In a series of previous posts, we discussed the importance of estate managers having a unique set of skills and a broad educational foundation. This will not only make you a valued staffer for your current employer, but a highly sought-after applicant .

On some properties, the estate manager serves the role of a human resources and administrative manager. He or she is in charge of hiring new employees,as well as balancing the budget and tracking expenses for the domestic staff. These duties should be performed by someone who is educated and skilled in accounting.

The estate manager must also ensure that domestic staff are paid accurately and on time. This includes making deductions for benefits and retirement and recording all of this information properly for audit purposes.

Many employers do not want too many people with access to information about their household budgets. An estate manager skilled in accounting can assist his or her principal in keeping sensitive financial information private.

Many colleges and universities offer accounting courses that are flexible and accessible to working professionals. You can choose either to take individual classes or enroll in a full certificate program which includes work in basic accounting principles, payroll accounting, office management and introductions to accounting software. Although most programs take about a year to complete, the time will be well spent.

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