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The estate manager: What sets them apart

Official titles can be important when finding the right person for your home’s staff. Although it might seem relatively trivial, it’s good to know exactly what each position will be expected to do based on their traditional duties. If you have specific tasks you’ll need them to work on, you may be able to discuss these after you get a better understanding of their typical work.

Let’s use the estate manager as an example. You might be familiar with this type of staff without even knowing it, simply because the name sounds somewhat generic. In reality, these managers are important people who are vital for a large household with many other employees to coordinate with.

A Curbed article from 2014 summed up some of the elements of an estate manager, based on a Wall Street Journal article. This position can combine multiple roles into a single person, giving them responsibilities that send them all over the property, the source said.

Examples include maintenance tasks, like caring for plants, keeping the plumbing system functioning and locating exactly what the owner needs, even if this proves to be somewhat outlandish. As a New York Times article from 2012 noted, there are some similarities between this position and butler jobs that residents may be familiar with.

However, the duties aren’t always as fixed as they might seem, as a manager has to juggle multiple roles depending on what the client wants. With this in mind, someone who has a lot of different tasks they want taken care of can look for a manager that’s especially flexible.

Find estate managers that will handle your property correctly and guide you through all of the difficult challenges of running a home and keeping the other staff in order.

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