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Tips for rocking your next unconventional interview

Let's face it: Job interviews can be a bit nerve-wrecking. No matter how much you prepare the night before, you may be thrown off guard during the big day, especially when you realize your interview isn't the standard one-on-one. To ensure that you do great, take a look at some of our helpful tips that will impress your prospective boss even if the questions asked aren't what you expected:

  • Behavioral interview: "When asking behavioral-based questions, such as 'can you tell me about a time when you increased productivity at your last job?' employers are looking for insight into your past work experiences that could relate to the open position," writes Chad Brooks of BusinessNewsDaily. "Be prepared to offer compelling anecdotes that illustrate how you delivered positive results or solved problems."
  • Group interview: Participating in a group interview can be a bit awkward since you want to show off your stellar skills without upstaging any of the other candidates. Sometimes employers will conduct these interviews in order to save time or observe how you interact with others. It's important to treat your fellow interviewees with respect by not interrupting them. However, when it is your turn to talk, speak up because you want your voice to be heard!
  • Video interview: Skype interviews are rising in popularity. However, just because you can go on these types of interviews in the convenience of your own home doesn't mean you should be casual. Be sure that you dress appropriately, clean up your background area and make sure that you don't have any noise distractions.

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