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Tips for selecting the right nanny

As a parent, choosing the right nanny is perhaps one of the most important decisions you ever have to make. Although this task may seem a bit overwhelming, being armed with the right knowledge can help the nanny-selection process go a bit smoother.

  • Ask a friend: If your friends or relatives have children, chances are they've already been through the nanny searching process. Ask these trusty companions for advice or recommendations. 
  • Know what you're looking for: Making a list of the qualities you're looking for in a nanny can help your overall search. Are you looking for a nanny solely to watch over your children, or do you also want this domestic service employee to perform housework? Additionally, if having a child care degree is a must-have attribute for your future nanny, be sure to add this to the list so you can narrow down candidates.
  • Seek out private agencies: "You can also contact a private nanny placement agency. These firms screen candidates before agreeing to represent them and can help you find candidates who meet your criteria. They verify a nanny's work experience and should check for any driving violations or a criminal record," writes BabyCenter. If your plan is to find a nanny through an agency, look no further than Colonial Domestic Agency!

Although choosing the right nanny can seem like a daunting task, we are here to help! We will assist you in finding a quality nanny that fits all of your requirements. Contact Colonial Domestic Agency to find out more information about our services. 

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