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Tips to have a safe and fun Halloween: Part Three

Are your children getting ready for Halloween? Do you have nanny or personal assistant ready to take them around town to load up on goodies?

If you do, you’ll want to make sure you all go over best safety practices to keep everyone safe. In the first two parts of our series, we looked at travel, costume, driving and neighborhood safety. In the final part of our series, we’ll explore candy and stranger dangers.

1. Candy safety

It’s not uncommon to hear horrific stories about parents finding drugs in their children’s Halloween bag instead of candy. It’s unfortunate we even have to state it here, but always check a child’s candy before they eat it.

In 2014 a father found a bag of drugs in his 8-year-old’s candy bag. Neighbors were shocked because they thought it was “a good community.” And, truth be told, it might have been, but that doesn’t mean there could be a bad apple or two lingering about. Luckily for the family, no one was injured.

2. Stranger safety

If your kids are traveling with a personal assistant or nanny, it’s important to let the professional know not to allow your kids to go into a stranger’s homes. Every 40 seconds a child goes missing or is abducted. You can ensure your child doesn’t become a statistic by making sure they stay outside, trick-or-treat in well lit-areas and travel with an adult or a group of friends.

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