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Wealthy man asks ex-wife to become his housekeeper

They say all's fair in love in war. A British millionaire recently proved this point when he asked his ex-wife if she could stay in his house and work as a housekeeper after their divorce. Even though the man had brought his new girlfriend and her daughter to his home, he had hoped his ex would stay to perform household duties.

Although the couple had gotten divorced in 1990s after a 20 year marriage, they continued to live together up until this year. The man fell for someone new five years ago.The case was taken to court and a judge awarded his original wife with half of the millionaire's worth—which equals about $8 million dollars.

"It's an unusual case for several reasons, exacerbated by the fact that this pair had already been divorced for so long. The wife obviously felt no compulsion to make any financial settlement at the time of the actual divorce, as they had carried on living together as they had before," reports the Liberty Voice.

Even though the man has quite a fortune, it seems as if he had trouble finding a quality housekeeper. He could have saved himself some trouble if he were to contact a domestic agency to find a trained housekeeping professional. 

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