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What can a family assistant do for your household?

family assistant do for your household

Running a household can easily become an overwhelming task. When adding school age children and pets to the mix on top of the general daily tasks, it can become downright impossible to find a balance between caring for your home and for yourself.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where an extra pair of hands could improve your day-to-day, a family assistant could be a perfect solution.

A winning combination of skills

A family assistant can be given many responsibilities and are not bound by one specific duty, like a nanny would be to childcare. As PureWow explains, a family assistant does have nanny experience, but they also have personal assistant skills. A driver’s license (and a great driving record) and a bachelor’s degree are usually a must for this position due to some of the common duties.

Again, a family assistant is not limited to one role, they can essentially become a household manager. While the job description may differ based on your needs, some of the common responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Running errands
  • Driving children to school, events and appointments
  • Light housekeeping and helping with household chores
  • Grocery shopping and meal prep
  • Pet care

Are you looking to hire help?

When looking to hire a family assistant, it’s important to find a good fit in someone that supports your household. They will be a companion for your family members as well as helping your schedule run smoothly, so making sure you know the qualities to look for is important.

Make your job description clear, including if you are looking for part time or full time help, and if any previous experience is required. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a family assistant is $50,183, but the pay and included benefits vary widely by region and city.

If you are looking for a family assistant to fill this unique role of personal assistant nanny, look nor further than Colonial Domestic Agency. As a domestic staffing recruiter, we work with families in the Los Angeles area, helping them hire qualified domestic professionals that fit their needs. There are numerous benefits from hiring professional home staff, and with our network of skilled employees we can pair you with the best individual for the job.

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