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What is it like to have a personal chef?

Being treated by a personal chef was a new experience for Steve Harris, the single dad of an 8-year-old son. The busy attorney didn’t know what to expect when he finally hired personal chef Marina Berger to cook three nights of meals twice a week.

He couldn’t be happier with his decision. Berger creates enough food for leftovers, which she then packages into containers. Since hiring Berger, Harris says he lost about 10 pounds. He has also noticed his stockpile of kitchen appliances slowly increasing. The kitchen now has a brand new vegetable slicer, heat-resistant spatula and a roasting pan.

This is just one person’s experience, but there are many more from people who have had positive takeaways from working with these food gurus.

For example, one “digital nomad family of four” who sold their suburban life for one of travel and new adventures, recalls the time they found a chef who fit their needs.

“She [Purnama] has worked at one of the top health food restaurants in Bali for the past seven years and make anything on their menu…The first week, we set a menu for ourselves and each dish was mouthwatering and uber-healthy. Now, she just makes meals for us and we have no idea what we’ll be eating, but it’s always good.”

Personal chefs can cater to your family’s desires. For the traveling family of four, they found someone who could create organic meals, as well as understand their concern for MSG and chemical additives. On the other hand, Harris’ chef had a flexible schedule and produced healthy meals that he and his son loved.

If you’re looking for chef jobs or want to hire a personal chef, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!

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