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What is ‘the new luxury’ and how does domestic staff take part?

For the latest in domestic services, you need to keep up with different home and lifestyle trends. The May issue of the Robb Report recently tackled a concept that could apply here: the "new luxury."

As it mentioned in a press release, the new luxury reflects the good life as it's changed in light of modern trends and innovations. This is important since some may associate elements of wealthy living, including managing a household staff, with the old instead of the new. The reality is that what many may think of as luxury is changing, and with it, the need for a new lifestyle approach.

One of the key features of this trend is the new role of technology in the lives of the wealthy. Having access to more information and the latest devices can help define people's lives in a more immediate way, as The New York Times pointed out in 2014.

For companies trying to appeal to the new generation of buyers, it means messages may get more and more specific, appealing directly to one individual user for the greatest effect. In that same article, luxury goods specialist Claudia d'Arpizio made a distinction between the older and newer members of the new luxury set.

"We are in the midst of a generational shift," d'Arpizio said. "Today's luxury consumers are a very diverse crowd, representing many different segments of people."

These values could also extend to the ways people interact with their households. Today's domestic staffing agency can be quick and knowledgeable, with a list of candidates tailored to meet every client's needs. Contact Colonial Domestic Agency soon to learn more, and start living your life as part of the "new luxury" crowd with assistants who can help.

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