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Why hiring outside assistance can make you successful

In today's competitive society, you can have it all if you ask for help. This is the motto Jon Steinsson and Emi Nakamura live by, because like most couples, they don't have enough time to accomplish everything on their to-do list. The new parents and tenured employees at New York City's Columbia University have been outsourcing their chores, including making meals and building furniture.

The couple states that hiring professionals to perform these tasks has saved them precious time which they can now use to get ahead in their careers. At one time Steinsson and Nakamura opted to cook their own meals, but they realized how convenient it was to hire someone to prepare food. A personal chef makes them five healthy meals a week, saving them from spending time in the kitchen after a long day at work. They use these extra hours to play with their child.

The couple tells the New York Times that hiring outside assistance has been so beneficial for their careers that they even paid for help when they were economics grad students who weren't making much money. Now that they are successful, hiring a personal chef and housekeeper has become essential to staying on top.

"You need not be an heiress to benefit from paying for a personal assistant or gofer of some kind. From an economist's perspective, it's similar to taking out student loans: an investment in your future earning potential," Catherine Rampell reported in the NYT.

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