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Why You Need a Personal Chef for Your Next Party

The summer is full of holidays – including Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. These holidays create long weekends that are the perfect opportunity to bring together friends and family for a summer party. However, it can be difficult to create enough food for a long list of guests in the midst of work. Hiring a chef to make a range of different appetizers and plated dinners can be the perfect way to get a party started.

Include tasty, fresh ingredients
You’ll be more likely to not overload on fat and salt if you have food prepared with local, fresh ingredients. And living on the west coast is the perfect place to get your hands on ripe fruits and veggies. A personal chef can visit nearby markets the day leading up to a party or celebration and choose the freshest fruits and vegetables. Ripe, juicy produce can bring a dinner or appetizer from good to great.

You can experiment with new flavors
The west coast is a melting pot of different flavors and cultures like poke, Korean barbecue and Mexican tacos. So if you’re sick of preparing the same four meals, you’ll need a personal chef who can create the gateway dish to get you interested in new flavors. Many personal chefs have expertise that extends to working in professional restaurants developing flavorful dishes, according to Serious Eats. That work ethic paired with the creative energy necessary to develop one-of-a-kind meals can be just what you need for your next gathering. The food could be the talk of the party!

You can save time
There’s so much to do when it comes to planning a party! And when the big day arrives, you want to be able to take a deep breath, sip a cocktail and mingle with your friends and family. Knowing that the food – easily one of the most important aspects of any party – is taken care of can help you relax. Even better? A personal chef can take care of the cleanup after the party has wrapped up and let you relax, Cosmopolitan noted.

A personal chef can be a great asset for any busy family. There’s no better time to work with a personal chef than the summer season. Reach out to Colonial Domestics to find the perfect match.

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