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Winter child-care tips

If you're a nanny in New York, you're no stranger to cold winters. However, have you noticed that this January has been especially chilly? Recently, nanny Chelle Cochran took time to share her winter weather tips with From preventing the flu to planning snow-filled activities, check out some of her suggestions:

  • Layer: Before going out to play in the snow, it's best to dress the little ones in layers. It's always better to be too warm than too cold, especially in a Polar Vortex! If you are planning on going sledding with the kids, wool is your best option since this material retains warmth even when it gets wet.
  • Practice healthy habits: With influenza cases on the rise, it's best to teach children healthy habits, ensuring that they wash their hands regularly and cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. It is also crucial to take care of yourself by consuming foods with plenty of vitamins and nutrients. 
  • Sharing isn't always caring: "Cold weather brings out the hats, coats and scarves. Make it one of your biggest priorities to teach your charges not to share their personal items with other children. No nanny wants to discover pesky little head lice in her charge's hair. It is a royal pain to get rid of, trust me," Cochran writes.

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