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More autumn activities for nannies

There are so many things to do with children in the fall that nannies can easily plan hours of entertainment. From pumpkin carving to pressing leaves, we already discussed a few favorite ways to engage children and get them excited about the change of season, but there are many more ways to keep your charges busy and active during October.

Apple picking – While apple picking is most often associated with New England, there are plenty of places for nannies in Los Angeles to take their charges to pick these tasty fruit. Apple picking is a great way to get children to exercise, keep them engaged in nature and spend the day outside of the city.

Baking – Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, baking pumpkin and apple treats with older children can be a fun way to teach them about cooking and kitchen safety while creating something they can enjoy later on. From pumpkin muffins to apple pie, there are plenty of amazing treats that can be made in autumn.

Crafts – From cutting out hand-turkeys to using fallen leaves in paintings and collages, children can create a wide variety of autumn-themed art. Have them paint trees using leaves from outside, or draw haunted houses and ghosts to help decorate for Halloween.

While the turn in weather  and earlier sunsets may start to push children indoors a little earlier during autumn, keeping a wide variety of exciting activities on hand will ensure they don’t get bored and learn to appreciate the season. Nannies in LA looking for work to bring these and many other activities to children should contact Colonial Domestic Agency for job placement assistance.

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